Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens

Providing help when it is needed the most


We realize how suspicious a person knocking on your door and asking for money could be, that is why we want you to be sure to check the credentials of the Volunteer.

Most of our people wear uniform jackets or shirts with Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens patches but it is not a rule.


ALL of our VOLUNTEERS, while collecting donations, MUST have on them:

· Photo ID badge issued by our organization for the calendar year

· Board with a Solicitation Certificate issued to the person with an expiration date

You can always call our office to verify volunteers identity 1-215-426-1977

All volunteers are certified to solicit funds for our organization and accept donations in cash or check (made out to Rescue Relief).


 If you think you might be being scammed, call 911!


Please, also note that we are not your local Fire Department, Senior Citizen center or Rescue Squad. We are a state chartered non-profit organization solely for the purpose of helping the elderly in their time of economical hardship. Not an endorsement.