Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens

Providing help when it is needed the most

Rescue Relief for Senior Citizens serves Philadelphia and the surrounding 5 county areas. We work in an effort to stop the neglect and help the elderly in their times of economical hardship.


One thing that makes us different is - we give help when it is needed the most. In a lot of cases time is an issue, and help provided on time means the most.


Sometimes people need a little bit to get by when life is in a pinch, when government assistance is still on a way or is simply not enough at the time. This is only one of many scenarios that we get to see too often and it also is a case when we come in to help.


Many elderly people have to use their rent and utility money for prescriptions or are left with nothing on their table after paying their bills—again one of the examples when we are of assistance.


Here are all but some of the things we provide help towards for the seniors:


· Food

· Clothing

· Utilities

· Rent

· Medications


The help that people get from us is mostly financial help but we also try to assist people with finding information on more programs available from other organizations, help negotiate payments on overdue bills, or find somebody else to help them with their problem.


We can use all the help with our cause!


If you feel that you would like to help us help the local communities, please make a donation. It doesn't matter how much you can give—everything counts and is greatly appreciated!