Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens

Providing help when it is needed the most


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We appreciate your interest and welcome any questions or suggestions. Feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail.

We hope this website will provide you with information about our organization
Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens and  make you feel more comfortable when looking for help for yourself or someone you know, or wishing to make a donation.

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Remember—all donations are tax deductable!

· On your doorFeel free to give what you can, if one our volunteers has knocked on your door and asked for a donation—cash or a check. We have several people collecting throughout the Philadelphia and the suburbs.

· Online - To make an online donation, just click on any Donate button provided by PayPal on any page in this website and follow the steps. Be assured that it is a safe transaction.

· By mail - mail check or money order made payable to Rescue Relief to the office address:

Rescue Relief For Senior Citizens

2671 E. Cumberland St.

Philadelphia, PA 19125


Be sure to ask for a receipt if you need one!